hanggang ngayon siya pa rin nakikita ko. hahaha pakshet mawala ka naman sa mata ko pls. minsan naaawa na rin ako sa sarili ko kasi umaasa akong babalik pa yun eh wala na nga rin yun pakialam diba. hahaha die mika die

Minsan kahit anong pilit mo talaga kung hindi talaga, hindi talaga magwwork. Kahit sabihin mong nasa iba na yung hinahanap mo, kapag tinamaan ka talaga sa taong yun, kahit ang dami niyang flaws at pagkukulang sa’yo, okay lang eh. Kahit sabihin mong gusto mo nang mahalin yung iba mapapa-atras ka kasi alam mong hindi tama. Kasi umaasa ka pa rin dun sa kanya. Kasi okay ka pa ring magpakatanga kahit alam mong wala na. 

Ganito na pala ako magpakatanga sa lalaki. Ganito ko pa rin siya kamahal. Yung kahit na ang daming lumapit, ang dami kong naging crush, siya pa rin yung nakikita ko. Akala ko kasi yung nangyari kay Zhem yung pinakahuli pero parehas pala yun dito. Kaso wala na. Wala na akong magagawa. Deym

We couldn’t just press “replay” when a movie was over. We have to wait for few more days, weeks or even months to encourage ourselves to play it again but the excitement it brought the first time we watched will never be the same. We can replay all the memories but at the end of the day, we would end up lonely because we couldn’t bring back those memories the first time we experienced all of those. We couldn’t just simply snap and tell to that person whom we shared to rewind all the things we did. And life is always like that. Life gives you memories. Life relieves the pain and love excites you. 

Life is sometimes inevitably painful. Life gives you the people who will make you both happy and sad and take them until they turn into memories. And life is always like that. And life will always be like that. 

Paano ka pa nagng teacher kung hindi mo kayang intindihin yung studyante mo? Alam kong may limitasyon ang tao pero sana pumasok man lang sa isipan mo kung gaano kami nag-eeffort para sa subject mo. Buti nga may pakialam pa kami e kasi kahit kelan pwede namang ibagsak yan. Lalo na sa teacher na kagaya mo? Kapag ako naging teacher na, di ko ipaparanas sa mga estudyante ko lahat ng pinaparanas mo sakin ngayon. Ibang klase ka ma’am.

people should always be reminded that love isn’t enough to make any relationship lasts forever. a large part maybe reserved for endearment but there are a lot of things to consider and it doesn’t mean either that a perfect relationship should always rely on the other things. mostly, a perfect relationship may also means acceptance. accepting the fact that love isn’t about finding the perfect one that could make you perfect but rather finding someone who could accept your imperfections and mistakes and still loving the worst out of you. finding love is another talk, when you find love, it’s not about how may guys and girls have passed into your life but the mere fact that you have learned from the relationships you have through it was simply the est thing that would ever happened to your life. love is also a growing process. as you get into any relationships, you learn a lot of things and change a lot of things. change is inevitable but changing for the one you love isn’t the main point of any relationships. changing for yourself is rather a big part that would ever happened to you. and in that case, if you learned everything about yourself, that would be the perfect time to love others. and in God’s perfect time, you’ll be happy.

I gave my heart to two boys and both of them ripped it apart,


i. Winter gave it away, the first boy whom I gave my heart with was when I was fifteen. It was my first time and I didn’t know it’ll be terrible. His name was Adan: 5’6 ft tall, brown eyes, curly hair and a boy with a sense of humor. It was just a crush and it all started when he asked me to go with him this winter dance at our school and of course our fairy tale will not begin if I didn’t say yes. Day by day he gave me flowers and paid my lunch at school and helped me carry my books. At night he would call me at five in the morning just to check if I’m still breathing or not. And then the winter dance finally came, I wore a blue dress, a ball gown if you insist on the details, my hair was curled on my right side and I wore this little tiara that became the main attraction of the night. He picked me up on my house at eight in the evening and he looked stunning, my eyes almost dropped at the sight of him, I was beguiled by him that I didn’t notice my parents shouting my name.

We drove in his rented car for the night, gave me a corsage and kissed me on my cheek and rested his palm on my leg. I looked at him with glinting eyes, every part of me ached to touch his hair or just his hand and I was falling in love with him little by little. The dance was terrific, people arrived like princes and princesses and they all looked stunning but above all, he was still the most stunning boy I’d ever seen that night. The night finally came into an end and everyone said their goodbye’s and drove their cars as fast as they can. The dancing stopped and so was the music and all I heard was the crickets humming in unison and it happened, I gave my heart to him. A peck on the lips was all it did to push out my heart for him but he tore it apart in front of me an hour later when I found him making out with a girl named Laila, a girl who used to be my best friend.

ii. Season has changed, winter came to an end and I managed to stitch up my heart and found its missing piece. I cried every night and regret that I gave my heart to that boy whom I barely even know, I screamed and tried to suffocate myself with a pillow but my friend called me and I vent out all the anger I felt. An hour later, I received a text from a boy that I barely know, he said “hi” and I said hello, day by day he greeted me with a “good morning, lady” or a “good morning, beautiful” which made me smile. And in no time I was finally healed from his wit and humor. His name was Rain and it rhymes with pain that made it hard to trust him. But little by little my heart managed to trust him, his subtle words made me like him, his sweet gestures made me fell with him. I was still scared that he will hurt me too like the first one but he assured me that he will never do something stupid like that to me and it made me sigh in relief.

We spent months together, watching movies, sleeping in the afternoon, eating dinner with him and even skating with him. It was perfect, he was perfect but he made it look more perfect for me with the things he has done. We’ve been together for months, six months to be exact when I received an email from him that broke my heart. He rode a train, a train that took him to places I never heard of. And that’s when I realized that his name rhymes with train. And I stopped loving anyone ever since.

After almost a month. I missed blogging. I missed everything. Hi, i’m a stranger 

coz I hate Math month. Hahaha kidding and yes this is multitasking 👊

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Happy Holidays, everyone ♥

I must endure the presence of a few caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with butterflies. In order to see beautiful things in life, we must accept failures and flaws and those things that were really ugly. Life is very beautiful, but we cannot see its beauty by isolating ourselves to those who were just beautiful. How can we appreciate the beauty of other things we haven’t seen? Life is full of problems and obstacles that makes us think it’s not beautiful anymore. But, if we could see it with optimism we could learn that life was a very beautiful gift from Him to live in. Sometimes, life gives us a lot of challenges and experiences we wish we could just forget, but believe me, life didn’t give us any challenge we cannot overcome; fear, abhorrence, things that make our soul ugly will always always make our life worth living for.

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